Angelina Jolie: “I did not marry in secret”

She’s jetted to Africa in her role as a United Nation’s envoy to meet the victims of mass rapes and to urge the world to act now against the horrors of sexual violence in war zones– but instead she was made to answer questions about her love life.
Angelina Jolie is currently in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda with the Foreign Minister William Hague as part of a British led campaign which aims to highlight violence towards women in conflict areas and to help countries bring perpetrators to justice.
Sadly, while Angelina Jolie was answering questions about such serious matters, one journalist noticed she was wearing a gold band on her wedding finger instead of the normal sparking engagement ring. The reporter, with no doubt a quizzical smile on their face, asked:
“Is that a wedding ring, Angelina?”
She replied, with no doubt a scowl on her face:
“No, it’s not.”
She then, presumably, continued on her humanitarian mission to meet yet more victims of rape in the country before her return to LA next week.


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