Jon Hamm Reacts to Alleged Underwear Enforcement, Polyester Panic

Jon Hamm is about to go there.
The sometimes Don Draper attended the premiere of the sixth season of AMC's "Mad Men" on Wednesday in Los Angeles, and omg! stopped by to talk underwear rumors and our collective fear of men's fashion from the 1970s.
It's been quite the week for Hamm and his wardrobe from the period show, rumored to be picking up in 1969, the start of civil unrest in the U.S. and some terrible, terrible threads like polyester.
"I can't say we make it to the '70s," Hamm told us, consistent with the show's policy of keeping plot points secret, "but I lived through the '70s and I hope we don't go there with [polyester]."
Speaking of going there, we had to ask if he's heard any chatter over the past few days that his updated costume pants would require him to wear underwear. So as not to, uh, reveal too much below this waist.
"Yes, but I don't need to talk about that," he said.
You're a good sport, Hamm! No hard feelings.
Jon attended the screening at the Directors' Guild of America in West Hollywood with costars including January Jones, Christina Hendricks, John Slattery, and Elisabeth Moss. Though longtime partner Jennifer Westfeldt was on Hamm's arm, we also saw his on-screen bride -- the stunning Jessica Paré.
Paré was a big hit last season thanks to the viral sensation of her singing on the show, a sexy '60s cover of French pop standard "Zou Bisou Bisou." We wondered if she'd be grabbing the mic again this season?
"I can't say. But I may already know," she winked.


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