Kim Kardashian - Vapmire Facial

Kim Kardashian horrifies fans with bloodied face after undergoing 'vampire facial'

IT might look like a scene from a horror movie, but Kim Kardashian's blood-

soaked face isn't for an acting role - she's just getting a facial.

Fans of the star were alarmed when the 32-year-old uploaded two photos of her bloodied 

face onto Instagram with little explanation for her condition.

But they soon found out that the reality star was simply undergoing the much-hyped 

"vampire facial" when they tuned in to the latest episode of her show, Kourtney And Kim

 Take Miami.

"I love trying anything that makes you look and feel youthful," Kardahsian said on the show

 before having blood drawn from her arm for the procedure.

The blood was then splattered into her face using acupuncture-style needles after being 

spun at high speed to remove the platelets.

The remaining plasma is thought to rejuvenate the skin and costs about $1,000 for the

"Oh my God! I will never get a facelift if it feels like that," Kardashian screamed as the 

needles were inserted into her face.


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