Sued By Former Maid

Sued By Former Maid : Sharon Stone

 Former Maid Says Actress Called Her Crazy & Stupid' Before Firing Her

Sharon Stone is being sued by her former maid, who claims she was treated poorly and fired after she injured her back while working for the actress.
TMZ reports that a woman named Angelica Castillo has filed a lawsuit against Stone, claiming she injured her back while loading groceries into a car for the actress.According to the suit, Castillo was under doctor's orders to avoid lifting heavy objects, which was not acceptable to Stone.
Documents state that Castillo's doctor told her to “undertake a brief period of bed rest,” but that "Stone denied Castillo’s request for a brief period of bed rest, and told her that she would have to come in to work that day.”
RadarOnline reports that when Castillo complained to Stone that she was still suffering considerable pain four months after she injured herself, the actress allegedly called her “crazy and stupid," and ultimately fired her. The documents state that Castillo claims she was fired for what she believes is "retaliation for seeking medical leave."
This isn't the first time Stone has been sued by a member of her household staff. Last May, Stone’s former nanny also filed a lawsuit that alleged that in 2010, Stone begansubjecting her to slurs about her Filipino heritage, accent, food and Christian religion.The lawsuit also claimed that Stone requested the woman stop talking to her children so that they wouldn't "talk like you."


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