Chris Brown to release video compilation

Chris Brown is working on a video compilation to be released in conjunction with his forthcoming album, X.

The 23-year-old singer has been diving into work behind the camera lately.
He added director to his resume last year after helming his music video Turn Up The Music with Godfrey Tabarez and took the role on again for his latest music video for new single Fine China.
The star told MTV News fans can expect him to drop nine more videos to coincide with his next LP, X.
“That's all in my little plan to do a couple of videos. I want to do 10 videos and call it The X Package,” he told the network.
The six-minute clip for Fine China ends in a cliffhanger with guns drawn in Chris’ face.
Chris said fans will have to wait until The X Package is released to see what happens next.
"For this video, you get a little bit of suspense and then it builds up at the end and you see what happens," he teased.
The star didn’t say if he planned to direct the additional nine videos in the series although he suggested it’s likely.
"I'm a big movie guy. I love watching movies. It always keeps me creative," he said.
Chris also made an appearance on America’s Today show on Monday to promote Fine China and his forthcoming album.
He spoke to anchor Matt Lauer about his struggle to win back public opinion following his assault of ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.
"I've been humbled by the whole experience," he said.
"I think everybody is entitled to their opinion. For me, it's just a learning process," he continued. "You know, I have to just take it one day at a time. I can't make everybody like me... it's about me being positive."
Rihanna and Chris reconciled last year but he confirmed earlier this month they were no longer a couple.
While their relationship status appears to be on and off Chris said they have healed wounds from the past. He also insisted he's learned from his mistakes and realises he'll never win back some fans.
“Yeah, everything's good, we're fine," he insisted. "I think it's just me proving myself once again... Knowing that what I did was wrong, and never doing it again.”
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