Exclusive Sexy photos from The Amber Lounge Charity Benefit.

Who else is as hungover as me? I celebrated Memorial Day yesterday with a 12 pack of Coors Light and some subpar BBQ at my neighbors place. And now I sort of hate myself, mostly because I don’t like my neighbor but I wasn’t invited to any parties so I had no choice. I really need to make some friends, which is tough to do because I sacrifice my life in providing you with the sexiest hotty celeb pictures available on the seedy Internet. What, you think this stuff just magically happens? No, it takes time and commitment, a passion, and someone like me that has absolutely no social life and enjoys creeping on the Internet. So really yesterday while you were hanging with big boobed bikini girls at your friend’s big pool party, I was making a sacrifice hanging with my loser neighbor watching reruns of OC Housewives and drinking cheap beers. Next Memorial Day, maybe you should remember those of us who make a sacrifice for your Internet pleasures…

Speaking of Internet pleasures, here are pictures out of Cannes from the Film Festival. This is another big celebrity Charity event, The Amber Lounge Charity Event. Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games), Zahia Dehar, to name a few, showed up looking sexy as hell. Vanessa Hudgens in the white sexy dress took the cake for me. She’s just so damn hot. Sometimes I think she doesn’t even know that I exist, which is mostly because she completely doesn’t know that I exist. Life’s realities are sometimes overly harsh.

Anyways, due to my commitment to your Internet pleasure, I have a lot of really sexy pictures of all these girls. I know you probably had a lot of fun yesterday at your bikini party and are probably super hungover right now watching some nameless sexy girl pick up her bikini from your floor while you get dressed for work, which is fine, so long as you remember the people like me in this world who make great sacrifices to provide you with the content you love so much.

God Bless.


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