Joe Jonas Surprises Fan With Hilarious Concert Invitation

Joe Jonas is the latest star to be invited to a dance by a superfan! While the 23-year-old singer declined the invite to a sorority formal from Pepperdine University senior Shaina Kohli, he did have another date idea in mind for the two of them, which he presented in a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek video.
In the vid, the Jonas brother lies seductively in front of a faux fire, sipping on red wine, listening to "Careless Whisper" while wearing a racecar driver's suit and offers to fly her into Chicago for his concert of the opening tour in July. In a Barry White-esque voice, he says, "Shaina! Hello, you little thing, you. You little sassy thing, you. It's your friend Joe." He adds, "I want you front row or onstage. Your choice."
But Jonas didn't stop at that. He went one step further, showing up to surprise her on the "Today" show on Thursday, where she was scheduled to talk about her video to the pop star. But how did the college student react to meeting her crush?


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