Justin Bieber’s Tour Bus Reportedly Raided For Weed

During a stop on his Believe World Tour, Justin Bieber's bus reportedly got stopped for possession of drugs and weapons.

According to Swedish publication Afton Bladet, the “Boyfriend” singer’s ride reeked of marijuana and was pulled over in Stockholm.
“We found a small amount of alleged narcotics and an eloctrochock weapon,” Lars Bystrom from the Stockholm police department confirmed.

Police raided the bus while Bieber was performing on stage. “A colleague felt a strong smell of marijuana, like someone had been smoking in the bus," Bystrom said.

According to reports, panic broke out once the police entered the bus. “A couple of dancers started running around screaming 'No weed!' and another member of Bieber's crew yelled 'S***, the stash,'" a source claims.

Earlier this morning, Justin took to Twitter, writing, "Some of the rumors about me. ...where do people even get this stuff. whatever ...back to the music." In light of the speed bump, Bieber is moving on with his tour and has already left Stockholm.


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