SCARLETT JOHANSSON Marie Claire’s May Cover Girl

Wow! It definitely seems like it’s been awhile since we’ve seen Scarlett Johanssonon a magazine cover, but it looks like she’s back and boy is she back with a bang!The Hollywood actress is looking oh so sultry and gorgeous on the cover of Marie Claire magazine this month, where inside she talks about her ex-husband, Ryan Reynolds, her disdain for social media and what she likes to do on a Friday night. Here are some 

How she spends her downtime: “I’ve been obsessed with RuPaul’s Drag Race. I love the makeup, I love the hair, I love the looks. That’s been my escape.”

On social media: “All of it drives me crazy. I don’t understand this need to ‘share.’ We almost exploit ourselves in order to feel seen.”

If she ran the world: “I would demand investment in finding and using renewable resources. Then I was thinking about other things, like cab stealing. I always say, ‘You want it that bad, go ahead.’ And they’re usually like, ‘F**k you!’”

On her divorce from Ryan Reynolds in 2010: “Well, it wasn’t that long ago. But I think I’ve had a fair amount of time to process the experience and be able to move forward. I continue to get to know myself better as I get older, and that helps me in my relationships.”

On something a man can’t do around her: “I don’t like jealous behavior. I don’t mind an occasional check-in, but when somebody is passive-aggressively jealous, it’s really unattractive because it shows a sort of insecurity that is…Oh, controlling behavior is awful. Nobody’s going to say they love that.”


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