See Ellen DeGeneres’s Wedding Gift to Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

                                                         Justin Timberlake and Ellen DeGeneres (Warner Bros)
Fancy juicers and fine china go a long way as wedding gifts, but it wouldn't be a present from Ellen DeGeneres if it didn't elicit a few laughs.
Frequent guest Justin Timberlake popped by Ellen's couch to promote his "Legends of Summer" tour (the interview will air on Thursday), and we've got a sneak peek at the novelty gift she gave the singer to mark his marriage to Jessica Biel.
"You and I have known each other a long time, and I wanted you to have something very special for your wedding," DeGeneres said, as two staffers carried out a gilded portrait of Ellen and Justin staring intently at one another.
Timberlake chuckled at the gift, adding, "We don't have anything over the bed yet!"
JT also stuck around to belt out "Mirrors" and "Pusher Love Girl," during which DeGeneres hopped on stage and joined him in some choreography.
As for his dance partner in life, Timberlake had some sweet words for his new bride Biel.
"Every once in a while I catch a glimpse of her when she doesn't see me looking," he shared, "and I have this moment where I'm like, 'If you never make a good decision, if you only make bad decisions for the rest of your life, you made one really good decision.'"
Aww. Timberlake also thinks marriage looks good on him.
"It's nice to marry your best friend. It suits me," he said.
JT will take that suit (and tie) when he hits the road this summer with Jay-Z


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