Bankrupt Janice Dickinson: ‘I Live for Plastic Surgery’

Many celebrities would rather become involved in a nude photo scandal or gain 15 pounds than admit that they -- gasp! -- have had plastic surgery. Janice Dickinson is the complete opposite.
"I live for plastic surgery," the 58-year-old said in this week's issue of In Touch.
The medically enhanced "original supermodel" opened up to the magazine about recently declaring bankruptcy after racking up debts of nearly $1 million. Seeing as she loves going under the knife, it's no surprise that she blamed her financial woes on medical bills. Or, more specifically, “press whore doctors that offered to give me Botox and fix my teeth for free and then slapped me with bills,” she told the magazine.
As for how much she's spent on procedures over the years, she quipped, “I don’t remember -- all my ex-husbands paid for them!”
So what exactly has Dickinson had done? A little of this and a little of that, but she insists she has her limits.
"I had a tummy tuck and face-lift and currently do Botox and Restylne,” admitted Dickinson, who is set to marry for the fourth time later this year. But that's it when it comes to her face. “I don’t get anything in my cheeks. I have perfect bone structure."
And in case you were wondering, "My lips are mine,” she insisted.
The former "America's Next Top Model" judge added that she is hoping to resolve her money troubles by landing a new gig on the small screen, saying, “I will get back on TV and get my own talk show. I will prevail."
We don't doubt it. After all, she has to pay for her upkeep somehow.


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