Johnny Depp Goes Old School, Channeling His ’21 Jump Street’ Era Look for New Movie

Throwback … Tuesday?

New photos of Johnny Depp hit the Web today -- and, no, they weren't more PDA pix of him with Amber Heard. Instead, we were treated to shots of the 49-year-old on the set of "Transcendence" in which he was rocking a clean-cut look reminiscent of his "21 Jump Street" days back in the '80s. Swoon!
With short, floppy hair, cool shades, a simple outfit -- devoid of his typical layers upon layers of accessories -- Depp reminded us of Tom Hanson, the best-looking narc in all of TV history. (Our apologies to Richard Grieco!) So what if his white T-shirt was a little stained for his role as a computer scientist? At least we can see it … unlike most of Depp's real-life outfits these days, which are largely hidden under gold chains, skull necklaces, scarves, beads, and other dangly jangly objects.
As much as we enjoyed Depp in "Pirates of the Caribbean" (bring on number five!), it almost seemed that the actor enveloped the role of Captain Jack Sparrow -- which he modeled after Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and cartoon character Pepé Le Pew -- and never quite came out of it, at least when we are talking about sense of style. While he did give up Sparrow's gold teeth and guyliner, Depp has remained quite attached to the scarves and rings for the last decade.

And while we love Depp's uniqueness, including the bracelets that he wears that his kids have made him, his Indiana Jones type hats, and even those purple shades, it's just nice to see his unobstructed face every once in a while.
Someone who gets an up close and personal look at said face is Depp's new lady love, actress-model Amber Heard. Close since they filmed 2011's "Rum Diary," they were linked even before the star confirmed his split with long-time girlfriend Vanessa Paradis last summer. Over the weekend Depp and Heard, 27, were snapped showing their first signs of coupledom -- a little hand holding at a concert in Los Angeles. Perhaps if he wasn't rocking his signature style (hat, scarf, necklaces), they even could have gone unnoticed.
Eh -- probably not.
What do you think of Johnny Depp's old school look? Are you having Tom Hanson flashbacks too? Missing his many accessories? Let us know in the comments section below.


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