Rose Byrne In Manhattan May 2013: We All Google Ourselves

With her upcoming comedy "The Internship" set to hit theaters June 7th, Rose Byrne garnered herself some added exposure by covering Manhattan magazine's May 2013 issue

After teaming up with celeb photographer Nino Muñoz for the sultry photo shoot, the "Bridesmaids" actress opened up about her childhood nickname and what happens when she searches for herself in Google.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Byrne's interview below. For more, be sure to visit Manhattan magazine!

On trying to avoid looking herself up online
"I make a concerted effort not to do them, but of course, I have to - I'm human. We all Google ourselves. Ok, there's my name... right before Rose Bowl... and Rosetta Stone... and Roseland Ballroom!... and Roseanne!... and Rose McGowan..."

On being named "Mute" in her younger days:
"I was very, very, shy when I was little. Acting let's you access all those different parts of yourself to make the character authentic."

On learning a thing or two about acting:
"I love that wild streak in people. I think I had that when I was younger, in my teenage years, sneaking out, going out, but I got it out of my system. I've been working pretty steadily since high school. That teaches you a lot of discipline."

On life in New York City:
"Australia is my emotional home, but New York is my second home. I feel like myself in the city, and that's all you want from a place. It's an achievement to have found that. But we Australians are wandering people, aren't we?"


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