Sofia Vergara’s Surprising Girl Crush Is …


             Sofia Vergara                                                                                    Marissa Mayer

Sofia Vergara has a girl crush.
The "Modern Family" star reveals in the June issue of Cosmopolitan that the object of her affection is someone you might not expect. It's not Angelina, Halle, or any of the Jennifers, but someone from Silicon Valley.
When asked to cite her inspirations, Vergara gushes about Sophia Loren's style.
The actress then adds, "And in business, I am obsessed with the CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer. She is 37 years old, and accepted the job when she was pregnant. And I think she is hot."
Although Vergara typically receives lots of attention for her looks, the 40-year-old is on her way to becoming a mogul. She has already appeared in ads for Diet Pepsi and Cover Girl, and has a successful apparel and home line with Kmart.
The Colombian beauty is qualified to judge hotness for obvious reasons


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