Why Ben Affleck Is Spending Father’s Day Alone

Ben Affleck was honored with the filmmaker of the year award at the Directors Spotlight for UCLA School of TheaterFilm & Television's annual film festival on Thursday night.
"Omg! Insider" was on the red carpet at the event and got the chance to chat with the Oscar-winning director about his upcoming Father's Day plans. He revealed to us that he would be celebrating it ― gasp! — alone!
Uh, oh — say it ain't so! Fortunately, it's not what you might think. "My kids are great around Father's Day," Ben said. "They, uh, you know, they made some presents for me. We had early Father's Day, because the kids went to be with their mom in Cleveland where she's making a movie with Kevin Costner called 'Draft Day.' It's a little early plug for the movie. Summer 2014. Go see it." Well … at least he was able to celebrate early!
While the actor-director looked handsome at the event, one part of his outfit that we couldn't help but notice was missing was his kids' good luck ink we got used to seeing during awards season. He told us, "Clean hands tonight; I don't think there are any other nominees." Awww! While he might not need the good luck at this event, we do love seeing how much his family supports him!


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