Drew Barrymore: ‘I Hate Women Who …’

Drew Barrymore is serious about food. But don't expect her to come out with a cookbook about organic, gourmet meals anytime soon a la Gwyneth Paltrow. Because while the "Going the Distance" actress enjoys cooking, she's way more into consuming. "I hate women who say they can eat whatever they want, because I don't relate to that at all," she tells Bon Appetit in their August issue. "It isn't fair! I absolutely live for food." Not that the 38-year-old Barrymore doesn't spend some nights slaving over the stove. "I'm good at making one thing at a time, so it's usually a one-pot situation — for now!" she notes. "I make this Thai peanut noodle dish with scallions, sesame seeds, and a peanut butter-Sriracha sauce with a yummy, gummy noodle type of thing. I also make Asian meatloaf, so instead of tomato sauce, you make it with hoisin sauce. And I love doing spaghetti and meatballs and having leftovers." Whatever she cooks, Barrymore reveals that it's important to her that her little family, which includes husband of one year Will Kopelman and 10-month-old daughter Olive, sits down together for at least the last meal of the day. The former child star famously had a wild childhood filled with nights at Studio 54 that led her to enter rehab for the first time at 13. So her nights are a lot different now. "I didn't grow up in a traditional family and I never had a family dinner around the table, so whenever I actually had a dinner 'plan,' it meant a lot to me; it made me feel excited and safe," she explains. "And now that I'm an adult, dinner is a great pleasure." Another thing Barrymore enjoys is washing down those dinners with wine. The bubbly star is so enamored with the stuff that she began selling her own bottled wine, Barrymore Pinot Grigio, in 2011. Don't get the wrong impression, though. She insists that she's "not at all" one of those oenophiles who looks down on the cheapie brands. (Hers cost $18.75 per bottle.)

"In fact, I'm sure wine snobs look at me and think, 'How dare you,'" she notes.
Barrymore, who appears next in the 2014 comedy "Blended" with frequent co-star Adam Sandler, is actually pretty down-to-earth about most things in life and that includes parenting.
"I've been made to feel bad that I'm not steaming all of her vegetables from a farmers' market, or for only giving her jarred organic food. But I refuse to feel bad about any of it. I wish I were that all-homegrown-food, perfect woman, but I'm not. I'm the mom with the kitchen on fire, and food on our faces, and we're happy, singing and playing."


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