James Franco Says He Was 'Drugged' In Instagram Video

We're never sure what to expect from James Franco anymore, which makes his Instagram video all the more perplexing.
On Saturday (Dec. 14), the 35-year-old actor posted an Instagram video of himself lying in bed in what appears to be a very groggy state.
"What's up? Got drugged last night," Franco tells the camera panning down to show he's shirtless. "Somebody slipped me something. In bed."
Franco doesn't sound particularly alarmed by this revelation that he might have been "slipped something," and captioned the video, "Happy Sat."
The actor has a history of sharing interesting and provocative posts to his social media account, and there's always the chance that he's just getting into character for an upcoming role. If not, we wish him all the best and hope he feels better soon.


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