Katy Perry Delivers A Baby In A Living Room

While most of the world spent was pondering the state of her relationship with John Mayer, Katy Perry apparently spent Wednesday doing something muchmore noteworthy ... like, helping deliver a baby in a living room.

Yes, according to her Twitter account, KP just got her Doula on, assisting in a home-birth that took place ... somewhere?

There's no word on just who's baby "Auntie Katy" helped deliver, though fans are speculating the new mother is actually Perry's older sister, Angela Hudson, who was expecting a child last year.

Regardless, congrats are in order all around, and not just because, like Katy quipped, she can now add another title to her ever-growing resume.

When she's not delivering babies, Perry's gearing up to kick off her Prismatic world tour in May — it hits North America in June — amidst reports that it was her prep for the tour contributed to her split from Mayer ... but, for today, maybe we should just focus on the positive: Someone had a baby! In a living room! The circle of life continues unabated.


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