8 Hollywood Celebs Who Look Much Younger Than They Are!

Jim Parsons
He may pride himself as the brightest mastermind that Caltech has ever seen, but how this 41 year old physicist manages to look not a day older than twenty-eight is one phenomenon that not even his lengthy equations can explain.

Sarah Hyland
Several sources may claim that the Modern Family star is scheduled to turn 24 this year, although one look at her diminutive profile has ascertained that we are not buying it. Not one bit.

Carly Rae Jepsen
Given the plaintive whining of her breakout song, Call Me Maybe, atypical to the average lovestruck teenager, we had Carly lumped with the rest of the teen singers. But just as we we were twiddling our thumbs and waiting for the wild ‘I can be Miley too’ phase, she dropped the bomb in an interview with a famous magazine that she has long since passed her teens; the singer will in fact be celebrating her 29th birthday this year. 

Salma Hayek
Over the course of her career, Salma may have been bestowed with a multitude of awards for her acting, but if you ask us, her real talent lies elsewhere. The bombshell is supposed to be well into her late forties, an intimidating 47 to be exact, and miraculously manages to look precisely half that number.

Halle Berry
At 47, we’d have said that Halle Berry has aged gracefully but that would mean admitting that the actress has aged at all. 

Sofia Vergara
The Modern Family knockout might be turning 42 this year, although she could easily pull off a twenty-something role, which makes her the second star from Modern Family on this list. Honestly, what exactly are they feeding the cast?

Andrew Garfield
If it weren’t for modern technology, we’d probably have spent our lives imagining Andrew Garfield to be the lanky teenager that he played in The Amazing Spiderman rather than a grown man of 30 years. God bless Wikipedia. 

Jennifer Aniston
We could run another edition of this post two decades from now, and Jennifer would still be cemented right here, perhaps looking like she’s aged a year or two.


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