Justin Bieber Fan Sues For Over-Priced Tickets

Angered at the prospect of not being able to see Justin Bieber and Bon Jovi at affordable prices, a fan has filed a lawsuit against AEG.

The fan, Jessica Pollard, alleged that she was forced to pay exclusive prices for a Bon Jovi concert in 2010, and for a Bieber show in 2013, according to TMZ.

Also claiming that AEG intentionally withheld more than 5% of tickets for Biber and Bon Jovi, Pollard stated that the company has been selling them to brokers who charge higher-than retail prices.

Pollard has also alleged that AEG is violating New Jersey's Consumer Fraud Act, preventing promoters from skinning 5% of the tickets, on behalf of fans of the Biebs and Bon Jovi; however Aeg has refused to comment thus far.


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