“True Detective” Season Finale Crashes HBO’s GO Servers!

It turns out there were way too many viewers for HBO to keep up during the season finale of “True Detective” last night (March 9).

Around 9pm, there was a massive surge of traffic on HBO’s GO streaming service and as a result, millions of subscribers were unable to watch Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in real time.

HBO posted a message via Twitter, explaining, "Due to overwhelmingly popular demand for #TrueDetective, we've been made aware of an issue affecting some users. Please try again soon.”

And fans were not impressed. New York Times writer Dave Itzkoff tweeted, "Next week on True Detective: Marty and Rust frantically scramble to log onto HBO Go to learn what happened this week on True Detective.”

Another critic opined, "The HBO Go buffer circle looks EXACTLY the same as the fifth Olympic ring that didn't open in Sochi. #TrueDetective.”


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