Tyler, The Creator Arrested For Inciting A Riot At SXSW

Getting into big trouble at what was supposed to be a fun event, Tyler, the Creator was arrested in an airport in Texas on Saturday (March 15) for allegedly inciting a riot at the SXSW Festival.

Shortly before the hip hop star was supposed to take the stage, a drunk driver crashed through the festival barricades, killing two people.

According to reports, the 23-year-old pressured hundreds of fans to break down a barricade at the concert on Thursday.

Though he admitted to being "bummed" about his cancelled show on Twitter, Tyler later insisted the two incidents were unrelated, tweeting, "Dear You, That Tragedy That Happened Has Absolutely NOTHING To Do With The Show At Thrasher At A Different Location A Day Later - T" and "So Please Stop Going Out Of Your Way To Mention The Tragedy And Tie Me To It, Thats Not Cool And It Bums Me Out.


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