Miley Cyrus Hits A Barcelona Nightclub With 14-Year-Old Sister Noah

Continuing her long string of questionable decisions, Miley Cyrus headed over to a dance club in Barcelona, Spain on Wednesday night (June 11) and she brought her sister Noah along for the ride.

The “Hannah Montana” hottie donned a short colorful dress with open-toed heels as she scurried inside with her 14-year-old sibling, who opted for a shiny gold skirt and black top.

And while she’s an easy target for criticism, Miley received words of sympathy from fellow songstress Dolly Parton, who also happens to be her godmother.

Parton told the Sunday Times she understands the phase Cyrus is going through currently- “Yeah, well I do, 'cause back in the day, doing my own things my own way, and dressing sexy and showing my cleavage and all that, I got a lot of criticism.”

“Lots of people thought I was making a mistake and that I was just trashy, which I was. So I did go through that, but I don't give her advice. Everyone has to walk this journey according to their own rules. That's what she's doing. And I lurve her.”


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